Listing of /ScientologyMaterials/

(or you can send a payment as a friend, to bypass any fees charged to me, directly to

All written materials (via ten 3.4GB files) can be downloaded HERE (You will need 70GB of space - 35Gb to download & 35GB to unpack them). Files larger than 450-500MB do not download properly via these pages and 'time out'. Please contact me if you need to download a file larger than this which is not in the folder above.

USB flash drives are available with all the material pre-loaded (but no OT or confidential materials), which is between 106-135GB (depending on whether you want the foreign files too). I feel that a fair exchange is $200 which covers my time and includes the cost of a 256GB USB flash drive and shipping to anywhere in the world.

$78 of the $112 that was in the kitty was used to renew my hosting for this site. I have given up on migrating this site over to Iceland as I cannot afford it.

***Please make sure you scroll up if you navigate to a folder and see a blank page.

KEY: sc=physically scanned by me, HQ=High Quality